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Jewellery store with 40 years of presence on the island of Zakynthos

Jewellery store with 40 years of presence on the island of Zakynthos


We began to get involved in jewellery art in 1960, when our father, Leonidas Michalopoulos, who was a young man at that time, obtained a qualification in jewellery design and thus he became a reference point for our family, boosting our inspiration and motivation in dealing with the jewellery market.



Our priority is to maintain high aesthetic as well as present jewellery pieces of contemporary style, so that you are able to choose the one that resembles your unique style. Our extensive experience on the jewellery market and combined effort for offering jewellery of the highest quality helped us become a leading business in the sector of jewellery.




Gold M – Michalopoulos Jewellery

In 1983 our first store was founded in Zakynthos, selling the finest jewellery and watches. Modern challenges concerning the jewellery industry led us to adapt to latest trends and focus on contemporary pieces of jewellery with alternative materials and features, which we have been offering to our customers for 30 years. Our ultimate aim when presenting jewellery pieces is that they can mark your special moments.

Today our store Gold “M – Michalopoulos Jewellery” constitutes a family-run business, keeping our family tradition alive; great passion for creativity is demonstrated by all members of the family: Georgios, Nikos and Angela, who always offer jewellery and watches ofunique identity.


CIELO Michalopoulos

Having renewed our company’s capabilities and paying attention to every detail of modern trends concerning jewellery art, we welcome our customers at our second jewellery store in the town of Zakynthos, that was established in June, 2008. Aiming to meet the needs of our customers, we follow contemporary trends regarding both modern jewellery art and horology in Greece and worldwide. We always try to enrich our collections with timeless jewellery pieces, that often look like works of art, decorated with classic and traditional motifs and patterns as well as modern jewelleryand watches.

CIELO Michalopoulos jewellery store has managed to gain the attention of customers, achieving market changes and adopting innovative and contemporary trends. Our retail store presentation in a pleasant environment focuses on displaying jewellery pieces highlighting their special features and quality. Our top priority is to help you choose the best jewellery or watch, being aware of their unique characteristics.

Furthermore, we often say that the most important part of our work is the lovely experience of choosing a precious piece of jewellery or a watch as well as the special moment of your life that it may mark.



As a modern business, we stay current with new technologies and emerging needs arising from consumers’ changing way of life and buying behaviour. The creation of our e-shop helps us expand our digital presence and makes it easier for you to contact us. We invite you to explore our new online store and we hope that you are going to place trust in our choices of jewellery pieces and watches displayed, so that they become the perfect item for every special occasion of your life.


Yours sincerely,
Michalopoulos Jewellery

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